Public Institution

When it was time to replace their server and workstation computers, Solutions by Mark deployed new hardware and migrated their data for a smooth upgrade.

Beef Cattle Farm

Solutions by Mark deployed secure network barn cameras with night vision for a local cattle operation, allowing the owners to keep an eye on their livestock from anywhere on their mobile phones, day or night.

Hospitality and Event Center

Solutions by Mark designed and installed a reliable, cloud-managed wireless network with guest and secure staff access, firewall, and connectivity in multiple buildings across the site.

Residential Care Facility

A fully-meshed, secure, high speed wireless network was created for a local residential care facility with upgraded firewall and internet speeds.

Automotive Service Center

When their previous surveillance system failed, Solutions by Mark designed and installed a modern IP camera system with NVR for continuous monitoring and recording of key activities on site.

Petroleum Retailer

When their business had grown to the point that storing and sharing files on individual computers and flash drives became inefficient, Solutions by Mark implemented a secure network file sharing and storage appliance with remote access, 2-factor authentication, and automated backups to protect their data and increase efficiency.